“Who the hell is Sophie”

Sophie is a graduate short produced by final year film students at IADT. I was tasked with producing a title sequence and accompanying ephemera for the film. The title squence was produced to foreshadow the film's climax, as the main character attempts suicide at a beach. The process of degrading shells

represents the characters turmoil and breakdown. The title sequence is acommpanied with traditional DVD related material that would be expected with a limited edition copy of the film, as well as a web presence for the film. During this project I generated all imagery and soundtracks independently.

Outcomes achieved:
Produced a Micro-site.
Developed a 30 second title sequcence.
Created 3x 10 second social media stings.
Designed a Bespoke DVD case & Booklet.

Sophie micro-site.

Social media stings.